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.NET MAUI DataGrid Grouping UI

Grouping UI

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid provides a built-in grouping functionality, which allows the user to easily group the data by one or more columns.

The DataGrid Grouping UI exposes the DataGridServicePanel view which contains the DataGridGroupingPanel in itself. To group data, the user has to drag the desired column header to the DataGridGroupingPanel located at the top of the DataGrid.

The user can drag more than one column into the panel.


To manipulate the state of the Grouping UI, you can use the following properties:

  • UserGroupMode(enum of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataGrid.DataGridUserGroupMode) - The UserGroupMode property of the RadDataGrid determines whether the Grouping UI is enabled or disabled. The default value is Auto.
  • CanUserGroup(bool of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.DataGrid.DataGridColumn) - The CanUserGroup property of the DataGridColumn determines whether the end-user can drag & drop the column header onto the grouping panel. The default value is True.

Disabling Grouping

There are two ways to disable grouping. The first one is on a DataGrid level by using the UserGroupMode property. By setting it to Disabled the DataGridGroupingPanel gets hidden and the drag and drop function is disabled.

The following example demonstrates how to disable the Grouping UI in the DataGrid:

<telerik:RadDataGrid x:Name="dataGrid" UserGroupMode="Disabled">
        <telerik:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Country"/>
        <telerik:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Capital"/>

The second way is to disable grouping on a DataGridColumn level. By using the CanUserGroup property and setting it to False, the grouping for the specific column is disabled.

The following example demonstrates how to disable the grouping for a specific column:

<telerik:RadDataGrid x:Name="dataGrid">
        <telerik:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Country" CanUserGroup="False"/>
        <telerik:DataGridTextColumn PropertyName="Capital"/>

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