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.NET MAUI DataGrid Localization

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid provides localization support. You can translate the text displayed as a validation error message to other languages, so that your application can be adapted to different cultures.

For more details about the localization process of Telerik UI for .NET MAUI components, refer to the topic about common globalization and localization support by Telerik UI for .NET MAUI.

The table below shows the localization keys available for the DataGrid control and their default values:

Localization Key Default Value
DataGrid_DistinctValues_null (empty)
DataGrid_DistinctValues_SelectAll Select All
DataGrid_Filter_ApplyFilter Filter
DataGrid_Filter_ResetFilter Reset
DataGrid_Filter_ShowRowsWithValueThat Show rows with value that:
DataGrid_FilterWatermarkText Enter Filter Criteria
DataGrid_GroupingPanelHeaderText Drag a column header to group
DataGrid_GroupingPanelHeaderText_Grouped Group By:
DataGrid_LoadOnDemandButtonText LOAD MORE
DataGrid_LogicalOperator_And And
DataGrid_LogicalOperator_Or Or
DataGrid_NumericalOperator_DoesNotEqualTo Is not equal to
DataGrid_NumericalOperator_IsGreaterThan Is greater than
DataGrid_NumericalOperator_IsGreaterThanOrEqualTo Is greater than or equal to
DataGrid_NumericalOperator_IsLessThan Is less than
DataGrid_NumericalOperator_IsLessThanOrEqualTo Is less than or equal to
DataGrid_TextOperator_Contains Contains
DataGrid_TextOperator_DoesNotContain Does not contain
DataGrid_TextOperator_DoesNotEqualTo Is not equal to
DataGrid_TextOperator_EndsWith Ends with
DataGrid_TextOperator_EqualsTo Is equal to
DataGrid_TextOperator_IsEmpty Is empty
DataGrid_TextOperator_IsNotEmpty Is not empty
DataGrid_TextOperator_StartsWith Starts with

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