The DataGrid exposes an Aggregates API through the DataGridColumn.AggregateDescriptors property where you can add PropertyAggregateDescriptors or DelegateAggregateDescriptors.

The PropertyAggregateDescriptor enables you to utilize a set of available functions, while the DelegateAggregateDescriptor allows you to implement a custom function through the IAggregateFunction interface.

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI DataGrid Aggregates can be placed in the ColumnFooter as well as the GroupHeader and GroupFooter.

The ShowColumnFooters property is used to visualize the ColumnFooters of the DataGrid. However it is also used to display the Aggregates for the columns.

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DataGrid Column Footer Aggregate

The Aggregates are displayed only if there is no FooterText set.

When Grouping is applied you can display the aggregate results for the group's data in the Group Footer. In order to visualize the footer the ShowGroupFooters property needs to be set to True. The Group footer is divided into cells which are aligned with the respective columns and show the aggregate results for the particular column.

DataGrid Group Footer Aggregate

The aggregate results can also be visualized in the Group header next to the title of the group. In order to show the Aggregates in the Header of the group the ShowGroupHeaderAggregates needs to be set to True.

DataGrid Group Header Aggregate

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