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Suggestions Styling

The Input View of the AIPrompt control allows you to define suggestions for the user prior to initiating a request through the Suggestions property. You can modify the visual appearance of each suggestion with the SuggestionStyle property:

  • SuggestionStyle(Style)—Defines the style that is to be applied to the suggestions inside the Input View.

The following example demonstrates how to modify the suggestions' appearance:

1. Add a Style property with TargetType set to AIPromptInputSuggestionView to the page's resources:

<Style x:Key="MySuggestionStyle" TargetType="telerik:AIPromptInputSuggestionView">
    <Setter Property="BackgroundColor" Value="#FAFAFA" />
    <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0" />
    <Setter Property="LabelStyle">
        <Style TargetType="Label">
            <Setter Property="TextColor" Value="#00897B" />

2. Add the RadAIPrompt control with SuggestionStyle applied:

<telerik:RadAIPrompt x:Name="aiPrompt"
                     InputText="{Binding InputText}"
                     PromptRequestCommand="{Binding PromptRequestCommand}"
                     SuggestionsHeaderText="Things to ask the AI:"
                     Suggestions="{Binding Suggestions}"
                     OutputItems="{Binding OutputItems}"
                     SuggestionStyle="{StaticResource MySuggestionStyle}" />

Here is the result after applying the SuggestionStyle:

Telerik .NET MAUI AIPrompt Suggestions Styling

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