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Input View

The Input view features the input editor, where users can type their query. It also contains a button to trigger a response request.

Additionally, the Input view can display suggestions related to the input itself. To control these suggestions, use the Suggestions collection. The user can select any of the available suggestions, which in turn will populate the input editor with the selected suggestion. This interaction will not trigger a response request right away—the user can modify the suggestion first.

For more details on the Suggestions feature, go to the Suggestions topic.

The Input View is represented by the AIPromptInputView class and provides the following properties:

  • InputText(string)—Defines the input used for generating a response.
  • PromptRequestCommand(ICommand)—Defines a command that is executed when the end-user makes a request by pressing the input button.

You can also apply InputText and PromptRequestCommand directly to the RadAIPrompt instance - for an example, check the Views topic.

Here is an example of a simple AIPromptInputView:

<telerik:RadAIPrompt x:Name="aiPrompt"
        <local:ViewModel />
    <telerik:AIPromptInputView InputText="{Binding InputText}"
                               PromptRequestCommand="{Binding PromptRequestCommand}" />
    <telerik:AIPromptOutputView OutputItems="{Binding OutputItems}"
                                OutputItemCopyCommand="{Binding CopyCommand}"
                                OutputItemRetryCommand="{Binding RetryCommand}"
                                OutputItemRatingChangedCommand="{Binding OutputItemRatingChangedCommand}" />

and the referenced ViewModel class:

public class ViewModel : NotifyPropertyChangedBase
    private string inputText = string.Empty;
    private IList<AIPromptOutputItem> outputItems = new ObservableCollection<AIPromptOutputItem>();
    private ICommand promptRequestCommand;
    private ICommand copyCommand;
    private ICommand retryCommand;
    private IList<AIPromptCommandBase> commands = new ObservableCollection<AIPromptCommandBase>();
    private ICommand commandTappedCommand;
    private ICommand outputItemRatingChangedCommand;

    public ViewModel()
        this.promptRequestCommand = new Command(this.ExecutePromptRequestCommand, this.CanExecutePromptRequestCommand);

        this.copyCommand = new Command(this.ExecuteCopyCommand);
        this.retryCommand = new Command(this.ExecuteRetryCommand);

        this.commands.Add(new AIPromptCommand { ImageSource = new FontImageSource() { FontFamily = TelerikFont.Name, Size = 12, Glyph = TelerikFont.IconPaste}, Text = "Simplify", });
        this.commands.Add(new AIPromptCommand { ImageSource = new FontImageSource() { FontFamily = TelerikFont.Name, Size = 12, Glyph = TelerikFont.IconReset }, Text = "Check Syntax" });
        this.commandTappedCommand = new Command(this.ExecuteCommandTappedCommand);

        this.outputItemRatingChangedCommand = new Command(this.ExecuteOutputItemRatingChangedCommand);

    public string InputText { get { return this.inputText; } set { this.UpdateValue(ref this.inputText, value); } }
    public IList<AIPromptOutputItem> OutputItems { get { return this.outputItems; } }
    public ICommand PromptRequestCommand { get { return this.promptRequestCommand; } }
    public ICommand CopyCommand { get { return this.copyCommand; } }
    public ICommand RetryCommand { get { return this.retryCommand; } }
    public IList<AIPromptCommandBase> Commands { get { return this.commands; } }
    public ICommand CommandTappedCommand { get { return this.commandTappedCommand; } }
    public ICommand OutputItemRatingChangedCommand { get { return this.outputItemRatingChangedCommand; } }

    private bool CanExecutePromptRequestCommand(object arg)
        string text = (string)arg;
        return !string.IsNullOrEmpty(text?.Trim());

    private void ExecutePromptRequestCommand(object arg)
        AIPromptOutputItem outputItem = new AIPromptOutputItem
            Title = "Generated with AI:",
            InputText = arg?.ToString(),
            ResponseText = "This is the response from the AI in relation to your request. For real prompt processing, please connect the component to a preferred AI service."

        this.OutputItems.Insert(0, outputItem);
        this.InputText = string.Empty;

    private async void ExecuteCopyCommand(object arg)
        AIPromptOutputItem outputItem = (AIPromptOutputItem)arg;
        await Clipboard.Default.SetTextAsync(outputItem.ResponseText);
        await Application.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("Copied to clipboard:", outputItem.ResponseText, "Ok");

    private void ExecuteRetryCommand(object arg)
        AIPromptOutputItem outputItem = (AIPromptOutputItem)arg;
        this.InputText = string.Empty;

    private void ExecuteOutputItemRatingChangedCommand(object arg)
        AIPromptOutputItem outputItem = (AIPromptOutputItem)arg;
        Application.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("Response rating changed:", $"The rating of response {outputItems.IndexOf(outputItem)} has changed.", "Ok");

    private void ExecuteCommandTappedCommand(object arg)
        AIPromptCommand aiPromptCommand = arg as AIPromptCommand;

        if (aiPromptCommand == null)

        Application.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("Command executed:", aiPromptCommand.Text + " command has been executed.", "Ok");

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