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Band Report Wizard Overview

The Band Report Wizard guides you through the process of creating a report with a layout based on report sections.

To create a new report with the wizard:

  • Standalone Report Designer:

    • Select File | New | from the Telerik Report Designer File menu; Click on the Band Report Wizard template. Create file dialog opens; Choose a file name and directory. Click Save and the Band Report Wizard opens.
  • Visual Studio:

    • Create a new class library or use an existing one. Verify that the targeted .NET Framework version is .NET 4 or higher. Full profile as Client profile is not supported.
    • Right-click the project context menu and select Add | New Item | Telerik Report. Enter a name for the report class and click the Add button to close the dialog. Select report wizard form opens.
    • Select the Band Report Wizard option from the list and click OK.
Step Description
Choose Data Source This page lets you use an existing data source from a list of data sources
or add a new Data Source. If you choose to create a new data source, click the Add New Data Source button to start the Data Source Wizard. It will walk you through an additional set
of steps and when finished will return you to the Report Wizard so you can continue.
Design Data Layout Lets you select data columns from the data source and have them placed in the report heading and the detail sections of the report. You can also choose columns to group data by.
Select from a list located on the left in the dialog titled Available Fields.
Use the Report, Group and Detail buttons to add the selected column from the Available Fields to the respective list of Displayed Fields.
Use the Remove button to move fields from the Displayed Fields list back to the Available Fields list. Use the up and down arrow buttons to reorder the columns in the report.
Choose Report Layout Choose from a list of predefined layouts to quickly structure the report's visual representation. See the Description and Preview window to get a rough idea of how the report will be laid out.
Select the Adjust report items to fit available space checkbox to have columns take all the horizontal area available. Unselect this checkbox if you want to add other columns by hand later and need the columns to take up less horizontal space.
Check the Generate sub-totals to have subtotals created at group footers. Appropriate functions are used based on the data type of the column, i.e. Sum() for numeric Count() for other types.
Choose Report Style Select from a predefined list of report styles to give your report a polished look. The preview window provides a general idea of what a finished report will look like.
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