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Edit Calculated Fields Dialog

Calculated fields can be used to create new values that do not exist in the data source. For example, a calculated field can represent a new value, a constant, an expression value, user defined function or even a report parameter, or an existing field that is converted to a different datatype.

Add a Calculated Field

You specify a calculated field manually by creating an expression. The Edit Calculated Fields dialog is available in the property grid of our DataSource components:

by clicking on the ellipsis of the CalculatedFields property.

The dialog accepts Name, DataType and Expression.

Edit a Calculated Field

To edit a Calculated Field, click in the inline editors directly.

Delete a Calculated Field

To delete a Calculated Field, use the Delete Button.

Names must be unique in the datasource and the expression for a calculated field cannot contain aggregates, RowNumber or ColumnNumber global functions.

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