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Edit Calculated Fields Dialog of the Report Designer

Calculated fields can be used to create new values that do not exist in the data source. For example, a calculated field can represent a new value, a constant, an expression value, user defined function or even a report parameter, or an existing field that is converted to a different datatype.

Add a Calculated Field

You specify a calculated field manually by creating an expression. The Edit Calculated Fields dialog is available in the property grid of our DataSource components:

by clicking on the ellipsis of the CalculatedFields property.

Edit Calculated Fields Dialog of the Report Designer with one calculated field (string) set to the concatenated string of two actual fields

The dialog accepts Name, DataType and Expression.

Edit a Calculated Field

To edit a Calculated Field, click in the inline editors directly.

Delete a Calculated Field

To delete a Calculated Field, use the Delete Button.

Names must be unique in the datasource and the expression for a calculated field cannot contain aggregates, RowNumber or ColumnNumber global functions.

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