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Context Menu

The context menu will conditionally display items depending on the area of the report that was right-clicked. Some of the significant context menu items are:

  • View: The sub menu of View allows you to selectData Explorer, Report Explorer and Group Explorer.

  • Style: Invokes the Edit Style dialog for the right-clicked item. From here you can set the Text, Background, Edges and Line style for the report items, sections or the report as a whole.

  • Copy, Paste, Reset Style: To copy the style from one item in the report, right-click a report item and select Copy Style, then right-click another report item and select Paste Style. Right-click and select Reset Style to restore an items previous style before the paste.

  • Page Header, Page Footer, Report Header: and Report Footer : These menu items can be toggled on and off to create and remove respective sections in the report.

  • Add New Group: This menu item adds a new group to the report and new group component to the tray below the report designer.

  • Groups: This menu item opens the Group Collection Editor dialog and allows you to add or remove groups to the report.

  • Report Parameters: This menu item opens the ReportParameter Collection Editor dialog and allows you to add or remove report parameters to the report.

  • Sorting: This menu item opens the Edit Sorting dialog and allows you to add or remove sort expressions to sort the data in the report.

  • Filters: This menu item opens the Edit Filters dialog and allows you to add or remove filter expressions to restrict the data that is being shown in the report.

In the figure below the menu is invoked in the area next to the report design surface. 

In the example below, a TextBox was right-clicked to display its context menu. It includes the following menu items:

  • Bring To Front/Send To Back: Allow you to change the order of the items in the items collection of a section.

  • Select: Variations of this menu item allow you to select the report, sections in the report or items in sections of the report. The menu choices allow you to select elements of the report that are underneath the right-clicked item.

  • Expressions: This menu item invokes the Edit Expression.

  • Format Selecting this item displays the Format Builder.

  • Conditional Formatting: This menu item invokes the Conditional Formatting Rules Dialog.

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