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Edit Expression Dialog of the Report Designer

The Edit Expression dialog allows you to dynamically produce a value for a report item in place of a hard-coded value. The Edit Expression dialog provides a list of predefined and dynamic elements that can be used in your expression. A list of expression element categories is located in the lower left-hand list of the dialog, the elements for each category are located in the lower middle of the dialog, and descriptions are displayed in the lower right-hand of the dialog.

To use the Edit Expression dialog either type an Expression in directly or double-click the list of elements in the bottom middle list to add them to the expression. In the figure below an expression with a database field multiplied by a coefficient provides an extended price value.

Edit Expression Dialog of the Report Designer with Functions and sqlDataSource1 fields expanded.

You may add a new line as a string in the Expression with the Edit Expression dialog.

= Fields.FirstLine + "
" + Fields.SecondLine

The result will be the values of the two fiels being displayed one above the other in the corresponding report item.

For a list of the supported expression elements see Using Item Binding Expressions.

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