Annotation Labels

The CartesianStrokedAnnotation class provides infrastructure for annotation labels. Currently the CartesianGridLine and CartesianPlotBand annotations inherit it and provide out-of-the-box support for this feature.


The CartesianStrokedAnnotation base class provides a Label property to specify the label string and LabelDefinition to control its properties like Format, Template and positioning. Annotations provide a mechanism for label positioning that consists of three layers - primary (Location), secondary (HorizontalAlignment/VerticalAlignment), and tertiary (HorizontalOffset/ VerticalOffset).

  • Location
    This property defines the primary location of the annotation label visual. It allows you to position the label in 5 different positions, as illustrated below:

    Rad Chart View-annotations-label-location

  • Horizontal / Vertical Alignment
    In conjunction with Location property, you can use the Horizontal/Vertical Alignment properties to further specify the position of the label. Refer to the table below for for possible combinations of these properties:

    Rad Chart View-annotations-alignment-location

  • Horizontal / Vertical Offset __
    Besides the Location, HorizontalAlignment and Vertical Alignment, you can use the __HorizontalOffset
    and VerticalOffset to specify an offset in pixels. This offset is applied after the aforementioned properties.

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