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Qualitative Ranges

The BulletGraph supports different colored ranges that can be used to highlight portions of the scale, for example, when indicating bad, satisfactory, and good areas.

The ranges are described by the BarIndicatorSegment class and are added to the QualitativeRanges collection of RadBulletGraph. The bar segments are stacked one next to each other based on their Length values.

Populate the QualitativeRanges

<Grid xmlns:dataVisualization="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.DataVisualization"> 
    <dataVisualization:RadBulletGraph Width="300" Height="50" EndValue="100"> 
            <dataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="Red" Thickness="20" Length="30" /> 
            <dataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="Orange" Thickness="20" Length="40" /> 
            <dataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="Yellow" Thickness="20" Length="30" /> 
The following image shows the result.

WinUI RadBulletGraph RadBulletGraph-QualitativeRanges

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