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You’ve been always looking for a test automation tool that really works and you’ve never found the right one? Look no further as you’ve come to the right place!

Test Studio is an innovative and easy to use tool for Web, API, load and WPF desktop testing. Whether you decide to go codeless or you choose to use Test Studio’s code-based automation capabilities, you’ll always ensure optimal app quality and deliver outstanding results. Test Studio provides test automation solutions for the entire team, empowering everyone—from junior testers to senior developers, product managers and QA leads—to achieve maximum productivity in agile software delivery environments.

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Test Studio is a test automation platform for web, WPF, and responsive web applications, supporting UI, functional, load, and RESTful API testing. Sign up for a free 30-day trial!

Test Studio functional testing allows you to create, run and automate functional tests for Web and WPF applications. Some of our most prominent features are:

  • Intuitive recorder with cross browser support - with its intuitive click and record functionality, recording steps has never been easier. Major browsers are proactively supported via Test Studio’s own browser extensions.

  • Intelligent hybrid element detection - by creating automation elements that use both web locators and images, flaky and fragile tests are a problem of the past.

  • Executive Dashboard - monitor automation results and reports with an easy-to-use web feature.

  • Scheduling and Concurrent Runs - use out-of-the-box scheduling functionality that allows performing common tasks such as running concurrent tests on multiple remote machines.

  • Test Element Management - manage all automation elements from one centralized location eliminating redundancy and lowering maintenance effort.

API Testing - verify the integrity and reliability of your APIs or enhance your web functional testing with API calls.

Load Testing – get a better understanding of how your website performs by simulating multiple users accessing it concurrently.

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