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What is Data Driven Testing and How Test Studio Fits for It

Data Driven Testing is a testing methodology in which the same sequence of test steps is performed repeatedly using a data source.

The input values of the test steps and/or the expected values for the verification steps are taken from the bound data source. Test Studio allows using built-in data source as well as external data files for data driven testing.

Get Started with Data Driven Testing

To take the most of data driven testing you can start with the topics below:


Check this blog post for a step-by-step tutorial on data driven testing in Test Studio.

Combine Tests Executed as Steps with the Data Driven Methodology

Test Studio encourages the reuse of common tests by providing the option to execute tests as steps. Any parent test and any test executed as a step - child test, can be data driven.

To learn more about the possible test combinations and expected execution outcome, check this article.

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