What is Browser Calibration

A specific set of settings is required to prepare a browser for the recording and execution of tests with Test Studio. Some of the browsers also require an extension to be added.

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To ease you in applying these settings, Test Studio provides a built-in approach to calibrate all supported browsers. Follow the links below for more calibration details about each supported browser and a download link to the particular extension:

Accept Extension Permission for Version 2020.2.728

The latest 2020 R2 Test Studio release (v.2020.2.804) introduces the web responsive testing feature. With this release, Test Studio published a corresponding version of the extensions for Chrome, Edge Chromium and Firefox. The latest version of the extension (v.2020.2.728.1) requires additional permissions; therefore, it gets disabled after the update.

To re-enable it, you need to manually accept the permissions request for each browser and machine. When you open the browser, there is a warning sign on the Settings menu.

Settings menu disabled extension

Open the Settings menu and click on the message that the Test Studio extension is disabled.

Extension is disabled message

Click the notification message and a Popup appears to confirm if you accept the requested permissions and re-enable the Test Studio extension.

Accept permissions

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