Activate Your Test Studio License

After installing Test Studio, you must authenticate as a licensed user to activate the license. All users, both trial and purchased, will need to perform the license activation and then they can begin using the tool.

If you face any troubles during License activation, you can check the most common errors and how to solve them at the bottom of the article.

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Launch Test Studio

You can use the Desktop or Windows Start menu shortcuts to start Test Studio. Once this is launched, the Activation Wizard will pop up asking for login credentials. Enter the email address and password for the account, which has the Test Studio license assigned. Click the 'Login' button.

Log In screen

Choose a Test Studio Version

You can choose between Ultimate and Web & Desktop versions of Test Studio. Chose your purchased one and click 'Activate Selected Version'. If you need to change your license later on, you can also change the selected version.

Choose version

Choose a Test Studio License

If you are activating purchased Test Studio license and/or you have more than one purchases, you will have to choose which license to activate. In this screen you can see how many 'Available Seats' there are - since Test Studio license is machine based, you will be able to activate only these of the purchased licenses, which are not already activated on another machine.


The following screen does NOT appear if you are activating a trial version or have only one purchase.

Choose license

Click 'Activate Selected License' button. After the successful activation you will be directed to the Test Studio Welcome screen and you can start with creating your first project.

Possible Troubles

On specific occasions, the activation process may not complete successfully. The most common issues you may encounter are listed below.

0 Seats Available

When trying to activate a Test Studio license, you may discover that there are no seats available, although you have a purchased license.

This can happen if the machine on which a Test Studio license was activated:

  • has been recently re-imaged
  • has been recently replaced
  • is not accessible anymore for whatever reason

If the license was not deactivated while the machine was still active, you will notice that a seat from the purchased license is occupied for that computer.

To be able to use that license seat again, you need to re-activate this license on the new machine - visit the Re-Activating License article for a step-by-step guide.

Connection Error

If you perform the activation process as described, but you receive an error related to the connection, you will need to activate the Test Studio license manually. You can proceed to the 'Activate Manually' button and follow the Manual Activation help article.

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