Test Studio Editions

The Test Studio tool consists of a few different modules, which are packed in a few different editions of the product. There are a few license options you can purchase, which will activate all or some of the Test Studio modules.


Licensing is managed on a per machine basis. Each VM is considered a machine and must be licensed.

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Test Studio Standalone Application

Test Studio is a standalone application and is delivered in two different formats depending on the purchased license:

  • The Test Studio Web & Desktop license includes Web and WPF test recording and execution, built-in scheduling solution, centralized web-based results dashboard. This license provides the main functionality of Test Studio.
  • The Test Studio Ultimate license adds the Load Testing and Rest API Testing modules on top of the main functionality.


Click here to see the full set of features in Test Studio.

Both Test Studio Web & Desktop and Ultimate installations include the Test Studio plug-in for Visual Studio. The Visual Studio plug-in allows you to use the functional automation testing features (Web and WPF test recording and execution) directly in Visual Studio.

Test Studio Run-Time Add-On

The Test Studio Run-Time Add-On includes the runtime component of the tool. It is designed to only execute already developed tests and is suggested for CI/CD build servers and execution machines configured in the Test Studio built-in scheduling solution.

Test Studio Run-Time Add-On license is to be purchased separately for each machine on which it will be installed.

Test Studio Dev Edition

The Test Studio Dev Edition is the Test Studio plug-in for Visual Studio and is being distributed as part of the DevCraft Ultimate product bundle. It provides out-of-the-box functionality to facilitate easier and quicker test automation, especially of Telerik DevCraft-built applications. You can test your .NET apps easily regardless of complexity or interactivity and set stable quality levels across web and desktop seamlessly.


All versions use identical repositories and file formats, facilitating seamless collaboration between, even geographically, diverse teams.

Test Studio Testing Framework

The Testing Framework is a free product that lets you write code-only tests and exercise the full functionality of the testing platform. This framework handles all the grunt work of abstracting browsers, the DOM, and XAML. With the framework you can automate user actions, find elements, wait for elements, and work with HTML and XAML controls.

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