Analyze The Results

There are many ways to analyze the test and test list results in Test Studio. This information can be used to see which stepst and tests were executed and what was the outcome for each of them. In case the test has failed, you can review the results and try to quickly fix it. You can find additional details below:

Execution Log

The quick execution log is available in the test view after a quick test execution. It contains details about the latest test run and you can open it by clicking on the View Log button.

Analyze Test List Results

The Results tab contains results for all locally and remotely executed test lists. There you can analyze the executions, drill down to the individual test step and go back up to the main test list level for each execution.

Step Failure Details

The sucecssfully executed steps will be marked with pass and the failed steps are marked with step failure icon. You can double-click on the icon of a failed steps to load the Step Failure Details dialog. You can see the reason for the failure, a screenshot from the moment of failure and the page DOM tree.


Application Log

The application log is a list of messages logged by Test Studio throughout the tool usage and bring information for the performed actions in Test Studio. It is usually used if there are unexpected errors, crashes, or a recommended configuration in the project cannot be accomplished

Visual Debugger

The visual debugger has different options for debugging a test while its execution is paused. It is used if the test does not behave as expected, especially when it is not clear at which point the issue occurred.

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