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Data Driven Testing

Data Driven Testing is a testing methodology in which the same sequence of test steps are performed repeatedly, using a data source to drive the input values of those steps and/or the values to expect, when performing verification steps.

Test Studio supports can be used for data driven testing. It supports five different external data sources:

Create an external data driven test by following these steps:

  1. Add a data source to your test project - select from where to get the data.
  2. Bind the data source to your test- since you may have multiple data source definitions in your test project, you need to bind your data driven test to a specific data source.
  3. Attach the data source columns to input values - connect the inputs of your test to specific columns of the data source.
  4. Attach the data source columns to verifications - connect the expected values of verifications to specific columns of the data source
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