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USB Connection

Once you have installed the Mobile Testing agent app, tap on it to launch it.

  1. Tap on the USB button.

    click USB

  2. Specify the port and click Done.

    specify port

  3. Create a Mobile test project in Test Studio and go to Connected Devices pane. Click Connect Device button.

    connect device

    Note that when one or more devices are connected, the button in the center of the screen is not shown and only the button in the upper left corner can be used to connect additional devices.

  4. On the Connect a Device dialog that appears click on Device tab and then choose USB Connection option. The device should be recognized automatically. Simply verify the information, make sure the port which you selected in step 2 matches and click on the + icon to connect your device.

    connect device

    You can edit the port by double clicking on it.

  5. Once successfully connected the device appear under the Connected Devices pane and the mobile testing agent displays the status that the device is connected and Disconnect button appears:

device listed agent status

Please note in order to connect an iOS device you MUST have iTunes installed on the machine.

For Samsung Android devices please make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers installed properly. You can download the drivers from here.

The Android devices should be in development mode.

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