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Pie Charts

The Kendo UI Pie Chart widget displays data as single-series sectors from a two-dimensional circle. It is useful for rendering data as a part of the whole.

The Kendo UI Donut Chart widget is a Kendo UI Pie Chart variation with the same ability to display a single data series in a two-dimensional circle and is likewise useful for displaying data as a part of the whole.

Getting Started

Create the Pie Chart

To create a Kendo UI Pie Chart, define a single series of type "pie". Additional series are not supported and each data point is an object that specifies the point value, category label, and other properties, as demonstrated in the example below.

    title: {
        text: "Break-up of Spain Electricity Production for 2008"
    legend: {
        position: "bottom"
    seriesDefaults: {
        labels: {
            visible: true,
            format: "{0}%"
    series: [{
        type: "pie",
        data: [ {
            category: "Hydro",
            value: 22
        }, {
            category: "Solar",
            value: 2
        }, {
            category: "Nuclear",
            value: 49
        }, {
            category: "Wind",
            value: 27
        } ]

Figure 1: A sample Pie Chart

Pie Chart


Effects Overlay

Each segment has a transparent effect overlay that adds depth to the two-dimensional shape. The overlay transparent gradient is configurable, as demonstrated below.

    series: [{
        type: "pie",
        overlay: {
            gradient: "none"

The following gradient options are available:

  • roundedBevel—This is the default gradient option.
  • sharpBevel
  • none

The figure below demonstrate the usage of each of these options.

Figure 2: A Pie Chart with the roundedBevel overlay applied

Pie Chart with roundedBevel overlay

Figure 3: A Pie Chart with the sharpBevel overlay applied

Pie Chart with sharpBevel overlay

Figure 4: A Pie Chart with no overlay

Pie Chart with no overlay

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