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The online Kendo UI jQuery documentation aims at providing well-structured, up-to-date, and easy-to-access help articles on Kendo UI jQuery.

Whether you are moderately enthusiastic about programming or passionately devoted to innovation, our purpose is to help you augment the solutions for your project. You can support us in achieving our goal and further elaborate on our documentation, samples, tutorials, and demos by providing your suggestions and feedback in the most suitable way for you.

Ways to Contribute

You can contribute to the Kendo UI jQuery documentation in any of the following ways:

Submitting GitHub Issues

Opening a new issue on a topic is the fastest way for you to submit your feedback:

  1. Use the Search box to check if the issue has not been raised before and submitted to us already.
  2. If not, then go ahead and create a new issue.
  3. Elaborate on your suggestion and either include a link to the topic you refer to or a link to the closest anchor to the issue.

Updating Documentation on GitHub

Updating any of our documents on GitHub is the most direct way you can contribute to our help files:

  1. Fork the Kendo UI jQuery documentation.
  2. Work on the issue you want to update in your local repository.
  3. Submit a pull request.

For more information on updating a document on GitHub, refer to this article on GitHub.

Using the Forums

Using the Kendo UI forums is yet another straightforward way to submit your suggestion. However, this approach takes more time for the issue to reach our team of Technical Writers. If you like the accountability of forums and need a quick reply from our support team, leaving feedback in the Kendo UI jQuery forums guarantees that your suggestion has a support number and that the team will follow up on it.

  1. Visit the Kendo UI jQuery Forums.
  2. Check if the topic already exists by using the Search box.
  3. Add your feedback to an existing topic if relevant, or create a new one.
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