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The selection feature of RadCardView allows you to select cards by clicking onto the card or using code.

Figure 1: Selected card

WPF RadCardView Selected card

Selecting an item updates the SelectedItem property of RadCardView. The property can be used to control the selection in code. The SelectedItem holds a reference to an item from the ItemsSource of the control.

Example 1: Setting SelectedItem in code

 var itemsSource = (ObservableCollection<MyDataItem>)this.cardView.ItemsSource; 
 var firstItem = itemsSource[0]; 
 this.cardView.SelectedItem = firstItem; 

Example 2: Data binding the SelectedItem property

  <telerik:RadCardView SelectedItem="{Binding MySelectedItemProperty, Mode=TwoWay}" /> 
To disable the user selection from the UI, set the CanUserSelect property of RadCardView to False.

Example 3: Disabling user selection

<telerik:RadCardView CanUserSelect="False" /> 
Changing the selected item fires the SelectionChanged event. Read more in the Events article.

Read the Data Binding article to see how to populate the RadCardView with items.


If the underlying ItemsSource for your RadCardView control inherits from the ICollectionView interface, its CurrentItem property will be synchronized with the SelectedItem property of the RadCardView. Thus, when the current item of the collection view updates, this change will be reflected in the RadCardView and vice versa.

If you want to disable this functionality, you can set the IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property of the control to False.

Example 4: Disable synchronization between CurrentItem and SelectedItem

<telerik:RadCardView IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="False" /> 

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