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The RadCardView control exposes a number of public methods which allow you to invoke certain functionality programmatically. Here's a list of the available methods:

  • void Collapse(object item): Collapses the item (or group) passed as a parameter.
  • void Expand(object item): Expands the item passed as a parameter.
  • void ScrollIntoView(object item): Scrolls the card containing the data item into view.
  • IEnumerable GetDistinctValues(CardDataFieldDescriptor cardDataFieldDescriptor, bool filter, int? maximumValueCount = 1000): Returns distinct values for a given CardDataFieldDescriptor. Through the filter parameter you can determine whether to filter the distinct values based on other CardDataFieldDescriptors existing filters. The maximumValueCount parameter determines the maximum amount of distinct values to return (by default 1000). If you specify null for this parameter, then all distinct values will be returned. A good place to use this method would be in the DistinctValuesLoading event.

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