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Expand and Collapse Support

RadCardView provides you with the ability to collapse and expand cards and groups.

A card or a group can be expanded/collapsed via the expander button in the UI of the control.

Figure 1: RadCardView group and card expander

WPF RadCardView RadCardView group and card expander

To expand/collapse an item in code use the Collapse and Expand methods of RadCardView. The methods will toggle the expand state of a card if you provide a data item as an argument, or a group if you provide an IGroup object.

Example 1: Expanding and collapsing a card

var itemsSource = (ObservableCollection<MyDataItem>)this.cardView.ItemsSource; 
var fistItem = itemsSource[0]; 

Example 2: Expanding and collapsing a group

var collectionView = (QueryableCollectionView)this.cardView.ItemsSource; 
var firstGroup = collectionView.Groups[0]; 

Read the Data Binding article to see how to populate the RadCardView with items and how enable grouping.

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