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The built-in localization mechanism in the platform allows you to localize RadCardView control.

Here is a list of the supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

Read more about the localization support of the Telerik UI for WPF controls in the common Localization article.

Resource Keys

The following list shows the resource keys (identifiers) used for the different parts of the RadCardView's UI. You can use the keys in case you want to customize the localization feature.

Key Value
CardViewClearFilter Clear Filter
CardViewDataFieldDescriptorsButtonTooltip Show Fields
CardViewFilter Filter
CardViewFilterAnd And
CardViewFilterContains Contains
CardViewFilterDistinctValueNull [null]
CardViewFilterDistinctValueStringEmpty [empty]
CardViewFilterDoesNotContain Does not contain
CardViewFilterEndsWith Ends with
CardViewFilterIsContainedIn Is contained in
CardViewFilterIsEmpty Is empty
CardViewFilterIsEqualTo Is equal to
CardViewFilterIsFalse False
CardViewFilterIsGreaterThan Is greater than
CardViewFilterIsGreaterThanOrEqualTo Is greater than or equal to
CardViewFilterIsLessThan Is less than
CardViewFilterIsLessThanOrEqualTo Is less than or equal to
CardViewFilterIsNotContainedIn Is not contained in
CardViewFilterIsNotEmpty Is not empty
CardViewFilterIsNotEqualTo Is not equal to
CardViewFilterIsNotNull Is not null
CardViewFilterIsNull Is null
CardViewFilterIsTrue True
CardViewFilterMatchCase Match case
CardViewFilterOr Or
CardViewFilterSelectAll Select All
CardViewFilterShowRowsWithValueThat Show fields with value that
CardViewFilterStartsWith Starts with
CardViewGroupPanelText Drag a field and drop it here to group by that field
CardViewGroupPanelTopText Group Header
CardViewGroupPanelTopTextGrouped Grouped by:

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