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Getting Started with WinUI TimeBar

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a sample application that contains RadTimeBar.


Before adding the Badge, you need to:

  1. Set up your WinUI project.

  2. Create your Telerik UI for WinUI application and install the Telerik UI for WinUI components depending on the required installation approach:

Add the Assembly References

To use the RadTimeBar component, add the references to the Telerik.WinUI.Controls.dll assembly.

Define the Component

Defining the control requires setting several vital properties. Those are PeriodStart, PeriodEnd and Intervals.

Defining RadTimeBar

<telerik:RadTimeBar x:Name="timeBar"> 
        <telerik:YearInterval /> 
        <telerik:MonthInterval /> 
        <telerik:WeekInterval /> 
        <telerik:DayInterval /> 

Settig the PeriodStart and PeriodEnd properties

this.timeBar.PeriodStart = new System.DateTime(2023, 1, 1); 
this.timeBar.PeriodEnd = new System.DateTime(2023, 12, 31); 


Setting the Visible Period

The visible period defines what portion of the period to be brought into the viewport. This can be also looked as zooming. The visible period is defined via the VisiblePeriodStart and VisiblePeriodEnd properties.

Settig the VisiblePeriodStart and VisiblePeriodEnd properties

this.timeBar.VisiblePeriodStart = new System.DateTime(2023, 1, 1); 
this.timeBar.VisiblePeriodEnd = new System.DateTime(2023, 2, 1); 
RadTimeBar with visible period

RadTimeBar with visible period

Selecting an Interval

To select an interval you can set the RadTimeBar's SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties.

Settig the SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties

this.timeBar.SelectionStart = new System.DateTime(2023, 2, 1); 
this.timeBar.SelectionEnd = new System.DateTime(2023, 4, 1); 
RadTimeBar with selected interval

RadTimeBar with selected interval

Hosting Another Control

The RadTimeBar component allows you to host another control in it, thus enchancing the visualization. The most common scenario is hosting a RadSparkline control.

The following example demonstrates how to populate a simple RadLinearSparkline with data and host it in RadTimeBar. Read more about the RadSparkline controls in its help documentation.

To use the RadSparkline control, add the following namespace: xmlns:telerikDataVisualization="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.DataVisualization"

Hosting a RadSparkline instance in the RadTimeBar control

<telerik:RadTimeBar x:Name="timeBar" Margin="10"> 
        <telerikDataVisualization:YearInterval /> 
        <telerikDataVisualization:MonthInterval /> 
        <telerikDataVisualization:WeekInterval /> 
        <telerikDataVisualization:DayInterval /> 
        <telerikDataVisualization:RadLinearSparkline x:Name="sparkline"/> 

Setting up the ItemsSource property of the RadLinearSparkline element

private static Random r = new Random();  
// You can decide where to use this method.   
// For example, you can call it after the InitializeComponent() call of the view where the control is used (ex: MainWindow.xaml.cs).  
private void SetupSparkLineSource()  
    List<int> data = new List<int>();  
    DateTime startDate = new DateTime(2023, 1, 1);  
    DateTime endDate = new DateTime(2023, 12, 31);  
    for (DateTime currentDate = startDate; currentDate <= endDate; currentDate = currentDate.AddDays(15))  
        data.Add(r.Next(0, 60));  
    this.sparkline.ItemsSource = data;  
RadTimeBar and RadSparkline

RadTimeBar with RadSparkline

DataBinding the RadSparkLine

In order to learn how you can bind the ItemsSource of a RadSparkLine component in general, you can read the Data Binding article in the RadSparkLine section.

In case the ItemsSource of the sparkline is a collection of business objects, where the property bound to the XValue of the sparkline is of type DateTime, you need to make sure that the collection is ordered (ascending) by that property. This is needed for the virtualization of the RadSparkLine, which is enabled by the EnableSparklineVirtualization property of the RadTimeBar(True by default).

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