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ScatterAreaSeries plot their data using two numerical values. Once positioned on a plane the points are connected to form a line. Further, the area enclosed by this line and the categorical axis is filled. Below is a sample snippet that demonstrates how to set up two ScaterArea series:

Initial Setup

ScatterAreaSeries scatterSeries = new ScatterAreaSeries();
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(15, 19));
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(18, 10));
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(13, 15));
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(10, 8));
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(5, 2));
ScatterAreaSeries scatterSeries2 = new ScatterAreaSeries();
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(2, 24));
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(7, 12));
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(15, 10));
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(18, 22));
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new ScatterDataPoint(19, 19));
scatterSeries2.Spline = true;

Dim scatterSeries As New ScatterAreaSeries()
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(15, 19))
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(18, 10))
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(13, 15))
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(10, 8))
scatterSeries.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(5, 2))
Dim scatterSeries2 As New ScatterAreaSeries()
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(2, 24))
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(7, 12))
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(15, 10))
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(18, 22))
scatterSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New ScatterDataPoint(19, 19))
scatterSeries2.Spline = True

Figure 1: Initial Setup

WinForms RadChartView ScatterArea Initial Setup


The following list shows the most important properties of the ScaterAreaSeries.

  • XValueMember: If a DataSource is set, the property determines the name of the field that holds the XValue.

  • YValueMember: If a DataSource is set, the property determines the name of the field that holds the YValue.

  • Spline: Boolean property, which indicates whether the series will draw straight lines of smooth curves.

  • SplineTension: The property sets the tension of the spline. The property will have effect only if the Spline property is set to true.

  • StrokeMode: This property controls what part of the area border should be marked with line.

Set StrokeMode

scatterSeries.StrokeMode = AreaSeriesStrokeMode.Points;

scatterSeries2.StrokeMode = AreaSeriesStrokeMode.Points

Figure 2: Stroke Mode

WinForms RadChartView ScatterArea Stroke Mode

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