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BubbleSeries are used to visualize data points as points with coordinates and size defined by their items' values. You might think of a Bubble chart as a variation of the Scatter chart, in which the data points are replaced with bubbles.

Initial Setup

BubbleSeries bubbleSeries = new BubbleSeries();
bubbleSeries.Name = "Q1";
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(15, 19,3));
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(18, 10,15));
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(13, 15,8));
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(10, 8,4));
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(5, 12,3)); 

BubbleSeries bubbleSeries2 = new BubbleSeries();
bubbleSeries2.Name = "Q2";
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(20, 20,4));
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(15, 10,3));
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(7, 6,6));
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(18, 22,2));
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(new BubbleDataPoint(10, 10,4));

Dim bubbleSeries As New BubbleSeries()
bubbleSeries.Name = "Q1"
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(15, 19, 3))
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(18, 10, 15))
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(13, 15, 8))
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(10, 8, 4))
bubbleSeries.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(5, 12, 3))
Dim bubbleSeries2 As New BubbleSeries()
bubbleSeries2.Name = "Q2"
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(20, 20, 4))
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(15, 10, 3))
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(7, 6, 6))
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(18, 22, 2))
bubbleSeries2.DataPoints.Add(New BubbleDataPoint(10, 10, 4))

Figure 1: Initial Setup

WinForms RadChartView Bubble Initial Setup

Here are some of the important properties of BubbleSeries:

  • XValueMember: If a DataSource is set, the property determines the name of the field that holds the XValue.

  • YValueMember: If a DataSource is set, the property determines the name of the field that holds the YValue.

  • ValueMember: If a DataSource is set, the property determines the name of the field that holds the Value.

  • AutoScale: Defines whether the size of the bubbles is calculated automatically by the chart engine or by the Scale property.

  • Scale: Specifies a fixed scale for the relation between the size of the bubbles and their value when the AutoScale property is set to false.

  • AutoScaleMaxWidth: The maximum size in pixels of a single bubble when AutoScale is true.

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