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The Hlc series is a simple variant of the Ohlc series which was discussed in the previous topic. Its data points contain information about the following parameters: * high, *low and close.

Here is how to read the values of an Hlc point:

WinForms RadChartView Sample

Here is how to setup the Hlc series:

Initial Setup

 HlcSeries hlcSeries = new HlcSeries();
 hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(new HlcDataPoint(11, 7, 8, DateTime.Now));
 hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(new HlcDataPoint(9, 5, 9, DateTime.Now.AddDays(1)));
 hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(new HlcDataPoint(12, 9, 10, DateTime.Now.AddDays(2)));
 hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(new HlcDataPoint(10, 6, 9, DateTime.Now.AddDays(3)));

Dim hlcSeries As New HlcSeries()
hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(New HlcDataPoint(11, 7, 8, DateTime.Now))
hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(New HlcDataPoint(9, 5, 9, DateTime.Now.AddDays(1)))
hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(New HlcDataPoint(12, 9, 10, DateTime.Now.AddDays(2)))
hlcSeries.DataPoints.Add(New HlcDataPoint(10, 6, 9, DateTime.Now.AddDays(3)))

Figure 1: Initial Setup

WinForms RadChartView Hlc Initial Setup

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