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.NET MAUI Slider Value Thumb

The Slider's value thumb is drawn based on its Value property. End users can modify the Value by dragging the thumb along the backtrack or touching anywhere on the slider (the thumb, the range track, or the backtrack) depending on the drag mode (configured with the DragMode property).

  • Value(double)—Specifies the selected value of the slider, corresponds to the thumb position across the backtrack.

Check a quick example on how to define the Value property:

<telerik:RadSlider x:Name="slider"
                   Value="35" />

Drag Mode

The Slider's DragMode property lets you configure one of three dragging options—only the thumb, free, or disabled.

  • DragMode(Telerik.Maui.Controls.Sliders.SliderDragMode)—Defines the possible ways to interact with the Slider and change its Value. You can choose from:
    • Thumb—The thumb moves along the backtrack only by dragging.
    • Free—The thumb's position (and the Value property) changes via dragging or touching anywhere on the range track or backtrack.
    • Disabled—The thumb's position is fixed on the backtrack and dragging is disabled.

Check below some quick examples:

Only Thumb

<telerik:RadSlider DragMode="Thumb" />


<telerik:RadSlider DragMode="Free" />


<telerik:RadSlider DragMode="Disabled" />

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