To help you meet the demands of mobile users, Test Studio offers responsive testing of web applications enabling you to test your web application's layout, functionality and behavior on mobile and desktop browsers.

Check out the technical documentation for responsive application testing in Test Studio.

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Configure Test Studio Mobile for Web testing

The web testing configuration is a 4 step process. The first step is to configure the Test Studio Mobile project on the desktop machine.

  1. Create a Mobile test project and add a web test.

  2. Go to project settings and set the Web proxy port (the default is set to 8083).

  3. Click Connect Device under Connected Device pane.

    Connect Device

  4. Choose the Web Browser tab.

    4.1 Click Install button to set the local HTTPS certificate.

    4.2 Using the mobile browser you want to test in go to the shown URL or scan the QR code. This will navigate you to the TestStudio Mobile agent configuration page on your device.

    Navigate to URL

  5. Continue with Proxy Configuration

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