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Known Issues


After a Test Studio is upgraded, running coded tests created with previous Test Studio versions may fail with:

Could not load file or assembly error

Could not load assembly


This is expected behavior for projects that have coded steps. All you have to do to resolve it is:

  1. Open you test project root folder.

  2. Open the Bin folder inside it and delete the file named MyProjectName.dll.

  3. Run the test.


I am getting TestProject.TestName does not contain a definition for "Context" and no extension method "Context" accepting a first argument of type TestProject.TestName could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) compilation error in my C# project

C# error


"Context is not a member of TestProject.TestName error in file C:\Users[userName]\AppData\Local\Temp\tempFileName.tmp" compilation error in my VB project.

VB error

This compile error appears in case you have changed the class name in your code file.

VB error


When you change the class name you should bind the test to the new class name. You can do this from the test properties.

Bind the new class


While instrumenting a native Android application through the built in method I get the following exception:

Error while instrumenting Android app

This happens when the app to be instrumented has more than 65536 methods and is is installed on device running API level 20 and below.


You should use device which is running API level 21 or higher or use the manual instrumentation.

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