Record an iOS Hybrid Test

Once the native Mobile Testing Agent app is connected to Test Studio Mobile the devices are listed in the Conencted Devices pane.

  1. Open an iOS Hybrid test to enable the recording buttons.

    Record iOS Hybrid

  2. Clicking on any of the Record buttons, shows a dialog where Application Identifier must be entered. The app identifier is:

    iOS Hybrid APP identifier

  3. Clicking the Start button disconnects the Agent app and launches the testable app. The test recorder is attached and any gestures or actions you perform over the launched testable app are recorded as steps in the Test Studio test

    iOS App

    Additional steps (e.g. verifications) can be added through the Step Builder.

  4. Once the test is complete, stop recording by clicking on the Stop Record button. The recorder is detached, the testable app is closed and the Agent app is returned in connected state.

    Stop recording iOS App

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