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Playback a Test

  1. Open your project in Test Studio Mobile.

  2. To playback a test, it must be open in the Test Studio test explorer (double-click a test to open it in the test explorer). Clicking on the Playback button starts the test execution.

    Playback Button

Test Results

When the test is executed the passed steps are marked with green color

Passed steps

and the failed steps are marked with red color

Failed steps

Error details

The Error Details view collects all the information related to a single failed test step. Select the failed step and click Error Details button.

Error details

Execution log

The execution log or test log is a log available after test execution in the test view. You can pull it out by clicking View Log button.

View Log button

The execution log is a record of the steps executed in the test, whether they passed or failed. It records what actions a step takes and what elements it acts upon. It lists all steps in one sequence and provides details for failed steps if any.

Execution log

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