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As of March 1, 2020, native mobile testing is no longer supported.

Configure your AppBuilder app to be testable.

Setting up your app for testing with Telerik Mobile Testing plugin requires that you disable the Analytics plugin which is enabled by default in some of the AppBuilder app templates.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a new sample AppBuilder hybrid app, add the Telerik Mobile Testing plugin to it, and execute sample tests against it.

Create AppBuilder sample hybrid app

  1. To create an AppBuilder sample hybrid app, an account in the Telerik Platform is needed. Once logged in, create a new app by clicking on the Create App button.

    Create App

  2. Select Advanced tile. For the purpose of this tutorial we will use the Airlines demo application from the Samples and templates option. Let's name the app MySampleApp and click the CreateApp button.

    Create App Name

  3. The next step is to enable the Telerik Mobile Testing plugin and set the app's configuration variable to match the app identifier. To do this, double-click Properties in the solution explorer and then go to Plugins. Scroll to the bottom and enable the Telerik Mobile Testing plugin. If Telerik Mobile Testing is not in the list, add it from the plugin marketplace by clicking on the Install from Plugins Marketplace button. Finally expand the plugin and click on the Configuration variables button. Enter the iOS app identifier that you will use in your iOS hybrid tests.

    Set Ios Identifier

    In your iOS hybrid tests the app identifier for an iOS app must match the IOS_APP_URL entered in the Configuration variables dialog, and suffixed with :// . For example airlinessampleapp://.

    The Configuration variables window sets only the iOS variable. The Android variable is set by default in the General settings and can be changed from there (see below).

  4. Go to General settings and verify the Application Identifier matches the Android app identifier that you will use in your tests.

    Set Android Identifier.png

Build and deploy the app.

  1. To build the app click Run, then Build and choose the Android or iOS app package. For iOS builds you need to have your private identity and provisioning profile correctly setup.


    Build Android


    Build iOS

  2. After a successful build, the app can be downloaded (iOS & Android) or QR scanned (Android) and installed.


    Download Android


    Download Ios

  3. Now that you have the app configured for testing, the next step is to create and then record an Android or iOS hybrid test.

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