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To help you meet the demands of mobile users, Test Studio offers automated responsive testing enabling you to test your web application's layout, functionality and behavior on mobile and desktop browsers.

As of March 1, 2020, native mobile testing is no longer supported.

Getting Started with Native/Hybrid iOS and Android Applications in Test Studio Mobile

This section walks you through the process of recording your first Test Studio Mobile native Android/iOS test and execute it on a physical device. Before you start, please ensure the following:

  • You have access to a Windows machine where Test Studio Ultimate will be installed. The Test Studio Mobile solution currently works only on Windows machines and installs as part of the Test Studio product.
  • iOS or Android running physical device. Testable app will be installed on this device. Mobile tests will be executed against this app.
  • A Mac machine running Xcode is required to build and deploy the Demo App for iOS to a device.
  • A machine running Eclipse or Android Studio to build and deploy the Demo App for Android to a device.
  • Cordova CLI is required to be installed to build and deploy the Hybrid Demo App to a device.

Agent App Installation

The Mobile Testing Agent app must be installed on a physical or virtual device that will execute tests against native/hybrid apps. The Agent app connects the testable app on the device with the machine where Test Studio Ultimate is installed.

Connect Agent

After installing the Mobile Testing Agent app you should connect it to the Test Studio Mobile either by USB or Wi-Fi:

Install a testable app to a device

You can either configure your app to be testable or use one of the pre-configured native Demo apps.

Configure your app to be testable

Build a pre-configured Demo app.

Record and Playback Test

Once the above setup is complete you can start recording


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