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As of Q1 2014 release we have introduced a new property of RadPropertyGrid - ReadOnlyEditorState.

It represents RadPropertyGrid's read only behavior and has three options:

  • Default: This is the current behavior of RadPropertyGrid when IsReadOnly="True" is set. When this is the chosen option the IsReadOnly property of the TextBox and CollectionEditorPicker is respected. For all other controls the IsEnabled property is set.

  • Disabled: Provides a consistent view and behavior, by binding the IsEnabled property of the corresponding editors ( TexBox, CollectionEditor, DateTimePicker). This option does not allow any interaction with the property values.

  • ReadOnly: When this is the selected option, the IsReadOnly property will be set. If the corresponding control does not have IsReadOnly property, then the IsEnabled property will be set as a fallback. This option provides limited interaction with the property values.

This behavior can be used only when IsReadOnly = “True”.

The following examples show how RadPropertyGrid will look like when the ReadOnlyEditorState property is used:

Example 1: Setting ReadOnlyEditorState property to Disabled

    Item="{Binding Employee}" 

Figure 1: RadPropertyGrid with ReadOnlyEditorState set to Disabled

Rad Property Grid Disabled

Example 2: Setting ReadOnlyEditorState to ReadOnly

    Item="{Binding Employee}" 

Figure 2: RadPropertyGrid with ReadOnlyEditorState set to ReadOnly

Rad Property Grid Read Only

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