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Filtering Support

RadPropertyGrid supports filtering through its built-in search TextBox. The default behavior is "search as you type" meaning that each time you modify the text, property definitions will be filtered based on their DisplayName property.

Rad Property Grid Search TextBox

Custom Filtering

As of Q3 2014, RadPropertyGrid exposes an EnableCustomFiltering property which indicates whether RadPropertyGrid should allow custom filtering. Its default value is False.

Example 1: Set EnableCustomFiltering

<telerik:RadPropertyGrid EnableCustomFiltering="True" /> 

In addition to this, in order to define your own filtering criteria, rather than filter based only on the definitions' DisplayName, you must create a custom class which inherits from PropertyDefinition and override the IsFiltered property.

For example, you may want to filter on the PropertyDefinition's DisplayName as well as Value. This can be done with the help of the SearchString property which gets the string used to filter properties in the search-as-you-type box.

Example 2: Creating a custom class which inherits from PropertyDefinition

public class MyPropertyDefinition : PropertyDefinition 
    public override bool IsFiltered 
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(this.SearchString)) 
                return this.Value.ToString().Contains(this.SearchString) || this.DisplayName.Contains(this.SearchString); 
                return true; 
Public Class MyPropertyDefinition 
    Inherits PropertyDefinition 
    Public Overrides ReadOnly Property IsFiltered() As Boolean 
            If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Me.SearchString) Then 
                Return Me.Value.ToString().Contains(Me.SearchString) OrElse Me.DisplayName.Contains(Me.SearchString) 
                Return True 
            End If 
        End Get 
    End Property 
End Class 

You can then use this new class in XAML.

Example 3: Use the custom property definition

    <my:MyPropertyDefinition Binding="{Binding Name}" DisplayName="Name" /> 
    <my:MyPropertyDefinition Binding="{Binding Established}" DisplayName="Established" /> 
    <my:MyPropertyDefinition Binding="{Binding StadiumCapacity}" DisplayName="StadiumCapacity" /> 

Now, typing in the search TextBox will result in a case-sensitive search in both DisplayName and Value.

Deferred Filtering

As of Q3 2015, RadPropertyGrid exposes a new property – EnableDeferredFiltering. Its default value is False, and it determines whether the filtering through the search text box will be performed dynamically.

When EnableDeferredFiltering is set to True, the filtering will be executed when the editor commits its value either on lost focus or when the users presses the Enter or Tab key.

Example 1: Enabling Deferred Filtering

<telerik:RadPropertyGrid x:Name="propertyGrid"  

Filtering Events

RadPropertyGrid exposes two events related to filtering:

  • Filtering: Occurs when filtering RadPropertyGrid. Through the PropertyGridFilteringEventArgs, you can access the following properties:

    • Cancel: A boolean value indicating whether the event should be canceled.

    • FilterText: The value that has been typed in the search TextBox.

  • Filtered: Occurs after filtering is applied to RadPropertyGrid. Does not get fired if the Filtering event is canceled.

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