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Empty provider

The Empty Provider is a provider which doesn't connect to any real imagery services (Virtual Earth, Google etc). It provides definitions and methods which can be used to calculate positions of the framework elements, map shapes and pin points. By using this provider you can create map-relative applications which do not require visibility of the real map data (landscapes or roads), but which require visible elements to be positioned according to the geographical coordinates.

The Empty Provider can be combined together with the KML Data Import feature of RadMap.

The Empty Provider can be combined together with the Shapefile Support feature of RadMap. Note that if you are loading shapefiles created for OSGB36 (National Grid UK) or EPSG:900913 (Mercator, meters), you also need to set the EmptyProvider.Projection property to OSGB1936Projection or EPSG900913Projection respectively.

Here is an example of creating an EmptyProivder and setting it to the RadMap:

Example 1

<dataVisualization:RadMap x:Name="radMap"> 

Example 2

EmptyProvider provider = new EmptyProvider(); 
this.radMap.Provider = provider; 

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