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Customizing RadPivotFieldList

RadPivotFieldList can be customized by accessing the elements building its controls or by handling events and define which fields to be extracted and displayed.

Visual Field Manipulation

RadPivotFieldList internally contains a RadTreeView built with nodes coming from the data source object as fields. The tree can be easily accessed and its elements modified.

Before Sorting After Sorting
pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 004 pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 005

Sorting the Nodes

this.radPivotFieldList1.FieldsControl.SortOrder = System.Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Ascending;

Me.RadPivotFieldList1.FieldsControl.SortOrder = System.Windows.Forms.SortOrder.Descending

Before Hiding After Hiding
pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 006 pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 007

Hiding Nodes

The nodes in the pivot field list are built dynamically so in order to hide a particular node and persist the changes we would need to handle the UpdateCompleted event.

this.radPivotGrid1.UpdateCompleted += radPivotGrid1_UpdateCompleted;

AddHandler Me.RadPivotGrid1.UpdateCompleted, AddressOf RadPivotGrid1_UpdateCompleted

private void radPivotGrid1_UpdateCompleted(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadTreeNode promotionField = this.radPivotFieldList1.FieldsControl.Nodes.Where(n => n.Text == "Promotion").FirstOrDefault();
    if (promotionField != null)
        promotionField.Visible = false;

Private Sub RadPivotGrid1_UpdateCompleted(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    Dim promotionField As RadTreeNode = Me.RadPivotFieldList1.FieldsControl.Nodes.Where(Function(n) n.Text = "Promotion").FirstOrDefault()
    If promotionField IsNot Nothing Then
        promotionField.Visible = False
    End If
End Sub

Remove Fields Logically

In the case of a LocalSourceDataProvider object used to populate the items in RadPivotGrid, the nodes can be manipulated by handling the AddingContainerNode and GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted events.

Setup the Providers

this.provider = new LocalDataSourceProvider() { ItemsSource = this.orders };
LocalDataSourceFieldDescriptionsProvider descriptionProvider = new LocalDataSourceFieldDescriptionsProvider();
descriptionProvider.AddingContainerNode += descriptionProvider_AddingContainerNode;
descriptionProvider.GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted += descriptionProvider_GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted;
this.provider.FieldDescriptionsProvider = descriptionProvider;

Me.provider = New LocalDataSourceProvider() With {.ItemsSource = orders}
Dim descriptionProvider As LocalDataSourceFieldDescriptionsProvider = New LocalDataSourceFieldDescriptionsProvider()
AddHandler descriptionProvider.AddingContainerNode, AddressOf descriptionProvider_AddingContainerNode
AddHandler descriptionProvider.GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted, AddressOf descriptionProvider_GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted
Me.provider.FieldDescriptionsProvider = descriptionProvider

Before Canceling After Canceling
pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 006 pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 007

Cancel Adding a Particular Node

private void descriptionProvider_AddingContainerNode(object sender, ContainerNodeEventArgs e)
    if (e.ContainerNode.Name == "Promotion")
        e.Cancel = true;

Private Sub descriptionProvider_AddingContainerNode(sender As Object, e As ContainerNodeEventArgs)
    If e.ContainerNode.Name = "Promotion" Then
        e.Cancel = True
    End If
End Sub

Before Removing After Removing
pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 008 pivotgrid-radpivotfieldlist 009

Remove a Child Date Node

private void descriptionProvider_GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted(object sender, GetDescriptionsDataCompletedEventArgs e)
    ContainerNode dateNode = e.DescriptionsData.RootFieldInfo.Children.Where(n => n.Name == "Date").FirstOrDefault();
    if (dateNode != null)
        FieldInfoNode yearNode = dateNode.Children.Where(n => n.Name == "Date.Year").FirstOrDefault() as FieldInfoNode;
        if (yearNode != null)

Private Sub descriptionProvider_GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted(sender As Object, e As GetDescriptionsDataCompletedEventArgs)
    Dim dateNode As ContainerNode = e.DescriptionsData.RootFieldInfo.Children.Where(Function(n) n.Name = "Date").FirstOrDefault()
    If dateNode IsNot Nothing Then
        Dim yearNode As FieldInfoNode = TryCast(dateNode.Children.Where(Function(n) n.Name = "Date.Year").FirstOrDefault(), FieldInfoNode)
        If yearNode IsNot Nothing Then
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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