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RadDiagram gives you the ability to rotate shapes by dragging their Rotation Thumb or by changing their RotationAngle property.

Enable/Disable rotation

By default, the RadDiagram is enabled for rotation manipulation. In order to disable this functionality, you can set the IsRotationEnabled property to false.

WinForms RadDiagram Enable/Disable Rotation

this.radDiagram1.IsRotationEnabled = false;

Me.RadDiagram1.IsRotationEnabled = False

Rotation Angle

You can rotate shapes by using their RotationAngle property:

WinForms RadDiagram Rotation Angle

RadDiagramShape sourceShape = new RadDiagramShape()
    Text = "Text",
    BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightBlue,
    ElementShape = new TabVsShape(),
sourceShape.RotationAngle = 45;

Dim sourceShape As New RadDiagramShape() With { _
    .Text = "Text", _
    .BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightBlue, _
    .ElementShape = New TabVsShape() _
sourceShape.RotationAngle = 45

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