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RadDiagramRibbonBar is a ribbon control that has been wired to work with the API that RadDiagram exposes.

WinForms RadDiagram RibbonUI

As of R3 2022 RadDiagramRibbonBar allows you to disable the default logic for the New, Open and Save buttons. Then, it is possible to subscribe to the Click event of the respective button and introduce any custom logic. The following public properties are available (by default, they are set to false):

  • DisableDefaultNewAction - disables the New button's default logic.
  • DisableDefaultOpenAction - disables the Open button's default logic.
  • DisableDefaultSaveAction - disables the Save button's default logic.

Using RadDiagramRibbonBar

RadDiagramRibbonBar can be found in the Toolbox of Visual Studio, if you have installed the controls automatically. In order to use it, drag an instance of the RadDiagramRibbonBar in the designer area and drop it. Then, you can set the associated RadDiagram by either using the smart tag or setting the AssociatedDiagram property.

WinForms RadDiagram RadDiagramRibbonBar

RadDiagramRibbonBar introduces UI for saving and loading predefined diagramming layouts. Additionally, you can manipulate the ZOrder of the shapes and perform clipboard operations.

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