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Checkbox Elements

The TreeView for .NET MAUI allows you to show checkbox elements and check specific items from its ItemsSource. The checked items are added to the CheckedItems property of the control. You can also control the visibility of the checkbox elements as well as their state propagation.

Checkbox State Propagation

You can control the state propagation by setting the CheckBoxMode property (enum of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.TreeView.TreeViewCheckBoxMode). The TreeViewCheckBoxMode enum consists of the following values:

  • None(default)—Specifies that no checkboxes are displayed in the control.
  • Independent—Specifies that the checkboxes are checked and unchecked independently. The checked state of the parent item is not propagated to its children.
  • Recursive—Specifies that the checkboxes are checked and unchecked recursively. The checked state of the parent item is propagated to its children.

Here is how the Independent CheckBoxMode looks:

.NET MAUI TreeView Independent Mode

Here is how the Recursive CheckBoxMode looks:

.NET MAUI TreeView Recursive Mode

To display checkboxes in the TreeView item, set the CheckBoxMode to Independent or Recursive.

Checked Items Collection

The control exposes a CheckedItems collection (IList). The collection holds the items that are currently checked.

Programmatically Check or Uncheck All Items

The TreeView exposes two methods that enable you to programmatically check or uncheck all items:

  • CheckAll()—Checks all items in the control.
  • UnCheckAll()—Unchecks all items in the control.

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