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.NET MAUI NavigationButton ToolbarItem

Add a navigation button in the Toolbar control using the NavigationButtonToolbarItem. The NavigationButtonToolbarItem inherits from ButtonToolbarItem. All properties applicable for button toolbar item can be used in the navigation button toolbar item.

  • Items(IList<ToolbarItem>)—Read-only collection of Telerik.Maui.Controls.ToolbarItems to navigate to in the toolbar.

  • Text(string)—Defines the text(target type Label) in the toolbar item. You can display an image next to the text.

  • ImageSource(Microsoft.Maui.Controls.ImageSource)—Specifies the source of the image to display in the toolbar item.
<telerik:NavigationButtonToolbarItem Text="NavigationButton">
        <FontImageSource Glyph="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.IconBrightness}"
                         FontFamily="{x:Static telerik:TelerikFont.Name}"
                         Size="16" />
    <telerik:SliderToolbarItem Minimum="0"
                               Value="50" />


The exposed events are:

  • Clicked—Raised when the button is clicked.


The available commands are:

  • Command(ICommand)—Specifies the command to execute when the button is clicked.
  • CommandParameter(object)—Specifies the parameter of the command, which is executed when the button is clicked.


Use the Style property with target type Telerik.Maui.Controls.NavigationButtonToolbarItemView. Use all properties available for the ButtonToolbarItemView, LabelToolbarItemView and ToolbarItemView in the NavigationButtonToolbarItemView.

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