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.NET MAUI Toolbar Visual Structure

Here are described all visual elements used in the Toolbar for .NET MAUI.

.NET MAUI Toolbar Visual Structure


Toolbar Item Description
ButtonToolbarItem Represents a button in the Toolbar control.
ToggleButtonToolbarItem Represents a toggle button in the Toolbar control.
RadioButtonToolbarItem Represents a radio button in the Toolbar control.
NavigationButtonToolbarItem Represents a navigation button in the Toolbar control.
SplitButtonToolbarItem Represents a split button in the Toolbar control. Works as an advanced drop-down menu.
OptionsButtonToolbarItem Represents a button displaying an options panel in the RadToolbar control.
SliderToolbarItem Represents a slider in the Toolbar control
ListPickerButtonToolbarItem Represents a list picker button in the Toolbar control.
LabelToolbarItem Represents a label in the Toolbar control. The label can display a text and optionally an image next to it.
SeparatorToolbarItem Represents a separator(which is an UI element) in the Toolbar control.
GroupToolbarItem Organize toolbar items in a group.

All built-in toolbar items are described in the Toolbar Items section.

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