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Тime Picker Localization

The TimePicker for .NET MAUI provides language localization. The localization keys are described in the tables below:

TimePicker localization keys

Localization Key Default Value
TimePicker_Popup_HeaderLabelText Select Time
TimePicker_PlaceholderLabelText Select Time

Common Picker localization keys

Localization Key Default Value
Picker_AmPmSpinnerHeaderLabelText AM/PM
Picker_HourSpinnerHeaderLabelText Hours
Picker_MinuteSpinnerHeaderLabelText Minutes
Picker_SecondSpinnerHeaderLabelText Seconds
Picker_Popup_AcceptButtonText Ok
Picker_Popup_CancelButtonText Cancel
Picker_DropDown_AcceptButtonText Ok
Picker_DropDown_CancelButtonText Cancel

important To learn in details about the localization process of Telerik UI for .NET MAUI components, please go through the common Localization and Globalization topic.

Check in the image below how the localization strings are presented in Time Picker:

TimePicker for .NET MAUI Localization

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