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.NET MAUI SlideView Indicator

The SlideViewIndicator is a control that emphasizes changes from the current item to another item in a collection of items. This control also incorporates buttons to enable the end user navigate between the next or previous items.

The following table represents the properties of the SlideViewIndicator.

Property Description
HasLooping Defines a value that indicates whether the navigation commands can navigate from the first to the last and from the last to the first items.
Orientation Defines the orientation of the control.
NavigationButtonsVisibillity Defines a value that controls the visibility of the navigation buttons.
NavigatеOnItemTap Defines a value indicating whether tapping on an item will update the current index of the SlideViewIndicator and whether navigation will follow.
AnimationDuration(int) Defines the duration (in milliseconds) of the animation that runs when the current index changes.
AnimationEasing(Easing) Defines the Microsoft.Maui.Easing of the animation that runs when the current index changes.
CurrentIndex Defines the index of the current item.
MaxVisibleItems Defines a value indicating the maximum number of items to be displayed.
ItemsSource Defines the ItemsSource of the SlideViewIndicator.

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