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Migrating the SlideView from Xamarin to .NET MAUI

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI SlideView control has been designed and built from the ground up as a new control with a new API and significant improvements over its Xamarin counterpart.

The tables in the following sections list the differences between the APIs of the Xamarin.Forms SlideView and .NET MAUI SlideView.

Namespaces Differences

Control Control name XAML Namespcace C# Namespace
Xamarin SlideView RadSlideView xmlns:telerikInput="clr-namespace:Telerik.XamarinForms.Input;assembly=Telerik.XamarinForms.Input" using Telerik.XamarinForms.Input;
.NET MAUI SlideView RadSlideView xmlns:telerik="" using Telerik.Maui.Controls;

API Differences

Xamarin SlideView .NET MAUI SlideView
IsSwipingEnabled InteractionMode
Indicator customization options in Xamarin Indicator configuration options in .NET MAUI
PageSpacing Spacing
IsAnimated Set AnimationDuration=0
Controlling the alignment of the content N/A
IsInfiniteScrollingEnabled HasLooping
Customization properties for the slide buttons Styling properties for the Navigation Buttons
ItemTemplateSelector ItemTemplate

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