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.NET MAUI Calendar Display Modes

The Telerik .NET MAUI Calendar is a control that allows the user to select a date from a standard view that can represent various time spans. The Calendar views define what is visible in the Calendar, for example, month, year, decade, or century.

Setting the Display Mode Programmatically

The DisplayMode property (enum of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.Calendar.CalendarDisplayMode) defines the current view of the RadCalendar control. The available display modes are:

  • Month (Default)
  • Year
  • Decade
  • Century

Changing the Display Mode through the UI

The user can effortlessly change the DisplayMode through the UI by tapping (for mobile) or clicking (for desktop) the header text.

.NET MAUI Calendar Month View

Setting Min and Max Display Mode

You can define a range of display modes that will be available to the user through the following properties:

  • MinDisplayMode (enum of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.Calendar.CalendarDisplayMode)—Specifies the minimum display mode of the Calendar. The available options are Month, Year, Decade, and Century. When MinDisplayMode is Year, users can select months from this year.
  • MaxDisplayMode (enum of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.Calendar.CalendarDisplayMode)—Specifies the maximum display mode of the Calendar. The available options are Month, Year, Decade, and Century.
<telerik:RadCalendar DisplayMode="Decade"
                     MaxDisplayMode="Decade" />

Month View

The month view represents all days in a single month.

<telerik:RadCalendar DisplayMode="Month" />

.NET MAUI Calendar Month View

Year View

The year view represents all months in a year.

<telerik:RadCalendar DisplayMode="Year" />

.NET MAUI Calendar Year View

Decade View

The decade view represents all years in a decade.

<telerik:RadCalendar DisplayMode="Decade" />

.NET MAUI Calendar Decade View

Century View

The century view represents all decades in a century.

<telerik:RadCalendar DisplayMode="Century" />

.NET MAUI Calendar Century View

For all examples with the display modes of the Calendar, check the SDKBrowser Demo Application and go to Calendar > Display Modes category.

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