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.NET MAUI Calendar Selection

Calendar for .NET MAUI provides three different types of selection: Single, Multiple, and Range. The selected dates can be changed programmatically or by tapping a calendar cell.

Changing the Selection Mode

The selection modes of the Calendar allow you to determine if the user can select a single date, date span, multiple dates, or to disable date selection. To change the selection mode, use the SelectionMode class:

  • SelectionMode (enumeration of type Telerik.Maui.Controls.Calendar.CalendarSelectionMode)—Specifies the selection applied to the Calendar control. You can choose one of the following options:
    • None—Selection is disabled and the user cannot select any dates in the Calendar.
    • Single (Default)—Allows the selection of a single date. When tapping or clicking on a date cell, it becomes selected. Any previously selected cell is deselected.
    • Multiple—Allows the selection of multiple dates. Tapping or clicking each date cell changes its selection state. The first tap or click adds the target date cell to the current selection, and a next tap or click removes the target cell from the selection.
    • Range—Allows the users to pick a range of consecutive dates. The first date cell that is tapped gets selected and becomes the start of the range. The next cell that is tapped becomes the end of the range. All dates between the range start the end become selected.

Changing the Selected Date

To change the selected date in the .NET MAUI Calendar, use the SelectedDate and SelectedDates properties:

  • SelectedDate(DateTime?)—Specifies the currently selected date. When using Multiple or Range selection, the value of the SelectedDate property is set to the first selected date.
  • SelectedDates(readonly ObservableCollection<DateTime>)—Gets the collection with the currently selected dates. When the SelectionMode is Single, only one date is added in the collection.


The examples below demonstrate how to set the selected dates, apply Single, Multiple, and Range selection.

Selected Dates Example

1. Define the .NET MAUI Calendar:

    <telerik:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar"
                         SelectedDates="{Binding SelectedDates}" 
                         SelectionMode="Multiple" />

2. Declare the ViewModel:

public class ViewModel : NotifyPropertyChangedBase
    private CalendarSelectionCollection selectedDates;
    public CalendarSelectionCollection SelectedDates
        get => this.selectedDates;
            this.UpdateValue(ref this.selectedDates, value);

The image below shows the result:

.NET MAUI Calendar Selected Dates

Single Selection Example

Define a .NET MAUI Calendar with SelectionMode="Single":

    <telerik:RadCalendar SelectionMode="Single" />

The image below shows how single selection looks:

.NET MAUI Calendar Single Selection

Multiple Selection Example

Define a .NET MAUI Calendar with SelectionMode="Multiple":

    <telerik:RadCalendar SelectionMode="Multiple" />

The image below shows how multiple selection looks:

.NET MAUI Calendar Multiple Selection

Range Selection Example

Define a .NET MAUI Calendar with SelectionMode="Range":

    <telerik:RadCalendar SelectionMode="Range" />

The image below shows how range selection looks:

.NET MAUI Calendar Range Selection

Disabled Selection Example

Define a .NET MAUI Calendar with SelectionMode="None":

    <telerik:RadCalendar SelectionMode="None" />

For a runnable example demonstrating the selection in the Calendar, see the SDKBrowser Demo Application and go to the Calendar > Selection category.

Selection Change Events

The Calendar exposes a SelectionChanged event which is invoked when performing selection. The SelectionChanged event handler receives two parameters:

  • The sender parameter, which is the RadCalendar control.
  • The CalendarSelectionChangedEventArgs parameter, which provides the following properties:
    • RemovedDates—The deselected dates.
    • AddedDates—The selected dates.

The following example demonstrates how to use the SelectionChanged event:

1. Define a .NET MAUI Calendar:

    <telerik:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar"
                         SelectionChanged="OnSelectionChanged" />

2. Add the event handler:

private void OnSelectionChanged(object sender, Telerik.Maui.Controls.Calendar.CalendarSelectionChangedEventArgs e)
    App.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("You have selected: ", "" + e.AddedDates.FirstOrDefault(), "OK");

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